MySQL Explorer

MySQL Explorer is used to interact and handle data conveniently and effectively, instead of spending time to check every row of data.

Its main functions consist of:

1. Access MySQL databases from a clean GUI for processing – from a click.

2. Display Table and Column basic information (name, type, size/health) – with a few mouse clicks.

3. Preview snapshot of raw data in each Column – from a click.

4. Plot numeric data in each Column. We can use mouse to check the location and values on the graph directly -> Very convenient – from a click.

5. Plot data availability in each Table. We can see and interact quickly which ranges of Columns are missing, and their locations. – from a click.

6. Export data to CSV/text file, so that we can further process with other software/tools (Excel, Python, Matlab, etc.) – from a click.


Platform: Windows 10

Database: MySQL/MangoDB

Please contact me to get the software for free.

Have fun!